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Hands to the Plow - Summer 1999


A Note From The Pastor...

Dear Saints,

Choice greetings in the name of our glorious Savior, Jesus Christ! As always, we pray that each of you are walking in the light as He is in the light! As you can see, we have a new format for our newsletter. From the beginning of this ministry several of you have stood with us in prayer and others have faithfully given financially. We decided that it would be appropriate to let our supporters know what the Lord is doing in our midst. We are busy with several areas of ministry here in the Woodville/St. Francisville and surrounding areas. You may expect this informative newsletter quarterly, to be sent with the tape of the month. Included will be testimonials of the different ministries, as well as updates. We pray that this will be a blessing and encouragement to you as you seek to be a pleasing vessel for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says in�

Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.

Again, we are so grateful for all of you that support our ministry through prayer and financial giving. Thank you!

As some of you already know, a brother here in our local fellowship was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is 42 years of age and has 6 children. We are desperately coveting your prayers concerning this situation. Please continue to stand with us in prayer for Brother Sonny Keaton and his family.

The taped message this month is entitled, Receiving The Word. We pray this message will provoke, encourage, and strengthen you as you pursue Jesus Christ.



The Gospel Proclaimed in St. Francisville, LA 

Brother Charlie Kennon

Upon beginning the work in Woodville, a much more rural area than we were all accustomed to, there was a question in our minds as to where we would find a �chief place of concourse� to fulfill our privilege and duty of declaring the gospel in our community. But now, a little over three years later and not without a fight, God has opened and kept open the door in five small towns in which we preach open air on a weekly basis. One of the first places that God put on Bro. Britt�s heart was the St. Francisville Ferry which transports vehicles from St. Francisville to New Roads every half hour. This is a prime preaching post and makes me think of John the Baptist down by the river Jordan. Although we have not baptized anyone yet, we praise God who has kept us from being baptized on several occasions. We have a new congregation every thirty minutes. We are able to present a sound gospel message and often enter into profitable conversations. St. Francisville, being a tourist mecca, we are able to reach people from all over the country who must pass through this preaching gauntlet. Many often inquire if we are seeing any fruit, and I am unashamed to report that we are truly seeing Biblical fruit as we lift up our voices and proclaim repentance from sin and faith toward Jesus Christ. We have been physically beaten (Acts 5:40), threatened (Acts 4:21), imprisoned (Acts 12:4), and laughed to scorn (Matt. 9:24). However, we have also seen the Word of God penetrating hearts of men and women, and we have sensed the undeniable presence of God confronting the lost with the present reality of the Kingdom of God. I have seen God literally arrest people and bring others to tears as the Holy Ghost was able to convince of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. God is also doing a work and bringing forth fruit in each of us as we learn to become fishers of men through the practical discipleship of the Holy Ghost as we follow Jesus into the highways and byways of our community. Above all, our greatest ambition in all that we do is to bring forth the fruit of a sweet savor of Christ unto our God who is worthy.

It also appears that God is opening a door for us to go into �Angola,� the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Angola is the largest prison in America, encompassing 16,000 acres with around 5,000 inmates. On May 9th, I preached a message in the prison that God had given me for these men on �The Cost of Holiness.� Many would say that one cannot live holy in the midst of such perversion and darkness, but the Word of God says, �Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world.� I was never more excited to preach a message in my life. I am not ashamed to say that this gospel is the answer to everything and that there is a highway of holiness that runs through even Angola and anyone can walk thereon if he is willing to pay the price. Jesus said, �...he that looseth his life for my sake shall find it.� The price is death, and absolute surrender to the cross. Anyone can pay this price, but only a few will. Thank you for your support and interest in what God is doing here. May God richly bless you with a revelation of His Person, a jealously for His glory, and a burden for the souls of men in your community.


WCCC Prison Ministry

Pastor Britt Williams

The Lord has graciously opened a door of ministry to us in the local prison here in Woodville, Wilkinson County Correctional Center. WCCC is a maximum security prison that houses several hundred inmates. We conduct services every other week as well as personally visit inmates each week on Tuesday afternoons. Many inmates have been convicted, challenged, and edified by the Word of God. This week we started the School Of Christ video school in the prison with 21 students. Please stand with us in prayer for this ministry.



Proclaiming the Gospel in Woodville

Brother Jason Kranzusch & Sister Hilary Rouse

For the past 2 years, God has done a great thing in Woodville, MS. The gospel has been publicly proclaimed in the town square weekly as God raises up a testimony here. Recently, in addition to the weekly public proclamation of the Gospel, we have been given the opportunity to visit the fatherless and meet physical needs. We go to a local apartment complex for �Sunday School� and witnessing every Sunday after church. The Lord is blessing as we�ve stepped out by faith, relying on Him to lead and open doors into this community. Praise the Lord for His ability to move in ways unseen to see souls saved! Two families have opened their doors to us in friendship as we seek to testify of Jesus. We ask that you remember the children of this community, as many have no structure, discipline or true Godly love in their lives. Please pray for the pure revelation of the love of God to break down racial barriers and allow the true gospel entrance into the lives in Woodville.

About six months ago God dealt with us to preach outside of the local grocery store. It is located very near the church and always has a crowd gathering after Sunday morning services. The store is located at the main four way stop where two highways intersect. I use a large cheerleading megaphone to be heard over the traffic. We have been informed that the preaching can be heard loud and clear all the way to the door of the store. We ask for your prayers that we might have profitable conversations, distribute many gospel tracts, and faithfully preach the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders following in confirmation of the Word.



Street Ministry in Centreville

Sister Hilary Rouse

For the past year, we have been preaching in front of a local after-school �hang-out.� There have been times of great trial as we seek to lift up the standard of Biblical Christianity in this sin-hardened, religious community. The group to whom we preach attend a so-called �Christian� private school. Please pray for the marvelous light of the gospel to enlighten this dark corner of the earth. Many of our greatest mockers and persecutors have been subdued under the power of the Holy Ghost. These souls are in desperate need of a revelation of the Lord Jesus. Please pray for laborers to be raised up for this area. What a marvelous testimony it will be when one of the very same teenagers to whom we preach is raised up as a voice crying in the wilderness for this generation.



Centreville Nursing Home Ministry

Sister Amanda Daniel

The Lord Jesus has burdened hearts at CFF to minister to the elderly in our community nursing home. Each week, we bring the light of the glorious gospel to souls literally on the verge of eternity. We go from room to room praying for some, singing hymns, and spending time visiting with others. Every week is different � sometimes you may wonder if anyone understands anything you are saying and then the next week an Alzheimer patient listens and somewhat comprehends her need to be born again. What a blessing to serve Jesus in this manner � to fulfill His Word � �[t]o visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep [one] self unspotted from the world.� James 1:27. Please pray for us and this ministry: that the Lord would be glorified, that His will would be done, souls would be saved, bodies would be healed, and our burden would increase as we see the final day approaching.