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Hands to the plow - Fall 2001



A Note From The Pastor...

An angry and ridiculing mob is gathering to hear the gospel preached at LSU - 9/01.


Dear Saints,

Greetings in the mighty and holy Name of Jesus. We pray this finds you abiding under the shadow of the Almighty in these turbulent and uncertain times.

Autumn is always a busy season for our local church as we are preparing for our annual tent meeting in Centreville. This year is no exception. The scheduled dates for this outdor event will be Oct. 21st thru Oct. 31st. We are excited and expectant as we approach this year's meetings with anticipation. Hopefully, with the recent events which have transpired in our nation, hearts will be softened and opened to God's Word. Of course, each of you are invited to attend these meetings if possible.

This month's featured taped message is entitled, "An Earthen Vessel." Ours is a generation that shuns Biblical discipleship and instead levitates toward the self-help and quick-fix remedies offered by the counterfeit church. Unfortunately, few truly understand what is meant when the Scriptures speak of "...a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the Master's use, and prepared unto every good work." (2 Timothy 2:21) Consequently, there is a lack of an authentic testimony in our land.

We are the church of the Living God. Our responsibility to our generation is to display a pure and accurate representation of Christ. However, for this to take place, God must not only have a vessel that is willing, He must also have a vessel that has been prepared. "An Earthen Vessel" outlines God's methodology for raising up and equipping such vessels. It is our prayer that God would richly encourage and bless you through this message.

Preaching the Gospel at Louisiana State University

This open-air ministry is perhaps our favorite. In anticipation of the arrival of the fall semester at LSU, we ordered banners, signs, and 20,000 new tracts. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of writing some tracts that address the most frequently asked questions on campus; namely, issues such as "The Love of God," "Living Holy," and "Eternal Security" to name a few.

Now that school has begun, we have made two very productive trips to campus. We have preached to estimated crowds of 300 to 400 students. Needless to say, there is "no small stir" as the Word of God penetrates and exposes the hearts of this decadent generation. Some sinners mock with great intensity, whil others soberly consider their eternal welfare. Still others sincerely ask questions and inquire of Christ and the Bible. As usual, there are the religious hypocrites who plead for sin and stand opposed to God's methodology of evangelism. Never a dull moment in the Kingdom of God!

Brother Britt poses with some old-fashioned Ulster street preachers in Belfast, Northern Ireland - 8/01.

Missions Trip to the United Kingdom...

On August 21, I returned from a three week mission trip to the United Kingdom. During the trip, I visited three different countries: England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. During the day I preached open-air in vaious sites throughout the U.K. Unlike America, Europeans walk extensively in the marketplaces that are common to the downtown areas in villages and cities. These markets and open malls are ideal for preaching the gospel. Incidentally, I was able to preach in the three capital cities of the countries that I visited, London, England, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Cardiff, Wales. Of course, each city and country was different but all responded to the gospel much like Americans. Nevertheless, we had very sober and effective meetings in London as well as Belfast.

At night I preached/taught in the local churches. Again, the spiritual atmosphere is akin to what is common in America, but I also found there were many who are hungry for God's pure Word. One night, in a house meeting, there were people jam-packed in a small terrace house (even sitting on the floor and up the stair case) to simply hear God's Word during a two hour meeting (something unheard of in Merica). Please pray for these nations as God is seeking to awaken His Church to action across the globe.